Gemma Burnand

Short Film Maker and Actor 


One long summer at home I signed myself up for an audition at a top agency, which much to my parents shock was successful and every weekend quickly became full of all things dance and drama. When I landed my first role on a small film set my interests were very quickly directed to life behind the camera and the minds behind the visuals. Before long I had decided this was my true passion and chose to leave mainstream education to dedicate every day to developing and exploring this passion. 


Five years down the line, and I have completed a two year UAL TV and Film course and am looking forward to an intensive course in Directing at Berlin’s Met Film school in the autumn; to grow my knowledge, technical ability and experience. But outside of the classroom I have had the opportunity to film for a plethora of small businesses and individuals, finding a small niche in the short social media promotional videos, that builds a unique presence; capturing moments and captivating audiences. From Local Dog Groomers and Coffee Shops to behind the scenes for Haute Couture designer Celia Kritharioti at Paris Fashion Week, I have been able to work in small teams and independently to produce compelling content through the medium of film. This work led me to secure a position as a Social Media Manager and Visual Content Creator for national property managers Qdime Limited. 


More importantly I have been able to gain experience on much bigger productions, working as a production assistant in post-production units and short film sets. I have also been fortunate enough to learn about life on set through my acting roles, having been cast in lead parts for educational shoots and short films. I am always seeking experience of any kind within this industry, and looking to collaborate with other film makers. 


Alongside promotional style content I write, produce and direct short films. I am passionate about representing minority groups and taboos, and expressing views and opinions within my short films. The content I write is often inspired by true events and are statement pieces. It is a passion I am fully invested in pursuing for the rest of my life. 


I believe the technology available to us, married with creative eyes and vision has limitless possibilities, and for me, there is no greater excitement. 


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